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From now on, this will basically be my Twitter-like site..

No more anime-related stuff for now.

So.. originally this was going to be a blog that was supposed to attract anime bloggers and watchers alike.. but now it’s going to be used for something different. :/ I’m just gonna write down my life stories here instead because.. I feel the need to!

So recently I’ve been living with my sister- my parents have been in Korea since the end of September, and frankly, it is very (sort of) uncomfortable living without parents. There is no control, or an authority figure to watch over me, so I feel that my actions around the house, or even in public, are sort of unrestrained, and unnecessary. I’ve been missing classes a lot (especially 1st period since I oversleep a LOT now), i’ve been sleeping at later times, and getting things done only occasionally.. if not never.

It’s pretty rough trying to go through junior year w/o my parents, but I guess I shouldn’t be complaining because I’ve seen many others go through harder times.

Recently.. I mean, I was never really into how I looked to others, or how I was viewed upon by others, but recently I’ve changed a lot.. I mean, I care about how others think about me (I don’t know if this is a good thing or not) – and I also care about what I look like to others.. Trying to look like a gentlemeeeeeen to this particular girl, talking to new people, meeting people from other schools.. it’s all a part of my life cycle now, and I kind of enjoy it. Seems like I’ve exploded out of my shell (metaphorical to Lynbrook haha).

On a side note.. I’ll be retaking the December 5 SAT I to try to get that 800 on math since I got 770 last time (crap..) so wish me luck if you’re reading this, or have read this entire post. (Which I highly doubt, and I also highly doubt anyone visits anymore, but whatever. Good job if you read this! Hugs.)

Months of 2009


January 2009: Did korean school work on Saturdays, was trying to get out of “rest” mode from winter break. Had lots of trouble with chemistry and pre-calculus.. I started with like, a B- in both of these classes haha. Did a lot of badminton practice in Moreland / @ school / @ open gyms.

February 2009: Food choice for this month was: chipotle’s steak burrito. The main thing in February was badminton tryouts. I had brought up my chemistry grade to A, but pre-calculus was still a B~.. A ton of stress in February, and a ton of badminton practice too. I went to all the open gyms, stayed after school for badminton, went to Moreland, did the usual korean school volunteering, and just stayed home and played games on free time.. I think.

March 2009: Started studying for SAT Chemistry, but it was like, just buying the book. Pre-calc was still a B by this time, and I was freaking out, haha. Got into the.. training team for badminton, by like, 1-2 people difference.. I could’ve gotten in JV, but meh. Surprisingly, I got voted as team captain for JV, when I’m not even in JV. Pretty weird. Anyhow, March was a fun month. I went to all the badminton practices, made a lot of new friends, and also ate lots of Chipotle (once again. hehe.) Life was real good in March.

April 2009: This was the official freakout month for me. I had SAT Math and SAT Chemistry coming up, so this was a very stressful month for me. Studied day/night (?? im a liar.) Chemistry was a solid A by then, pre-calculus STILL a B, not even a B+. A lot of badminton in school and outside of school. Also started planning for Senior Day for badminton. Otherwise, April was cool.

May 2009: Most stressful month ever. Seriously. The first 2 weeks were crazy with all the SAT II studying going on. Choice of food for May: homemade food. My mom made sphagetti (a lot) when I wanted it. MUAHAHA. Also had senior day preparations for the first 2 weeks, then had Senior Day. Senior Day for badminton was a blast with good food and just running around day/night to prepare for Senior Day. As a sophomore, leading an event like that with some juniors was pretty darn crazy/exciting for me. I still remember all the times I got into a car – with juniors like Victor / Will driving – and them yelling at me to go get my shit. LOL Otherwise, the last 2 weeks of May was a blast, sort of. A bit of studying for finals near the last week.

June 2009: Best month prior to summer. Studied for finals for the first 2 weeks, and also played a LOT of games like Combat Arms and Counterstrike:Source. Went to friends’ houses many times, and ate out most of the time. When finals were over, just stayed home and played games all day until June 27th, which was when I got on the plane to Korea. Occasional meetups with friends here and there, but not much in the last 2 weeks. The first 2 weeks were a blast though — with all the end-year celebrations and eating out haha.

July 2009: Boring month. Was in Korea, and went to academies. It was worse than school. I saw a lot of beauties in the subways though. Made some new friends – and I still keep in touch with them! Very nice. This month was about finding music to listen to on the subway and the bus. May also be called: the month of YouTube.

August 2009: Boring month again. Stayed in Korea until August 25th~, and school started on the 28th. Played FlashFlashRevolution in PC Rooms for about 3-4 hours a day, 1-2 in the morning and 1-2 on the way back home. Got 1st place in Masters division. [or 8th in Gurus]

—Went to Comic-Con 87 during August 24th and the 25th. Bought lots of goodies, and became an official otaku by buying 20+ wallpapers, although I can’t put them on my wall for now since my mom won’t let me. -_-===

September 2009: Best month of late 2009. Studied for SAT I this entire month. Was worried about grades at first, but all my AP classes had solid A’s until the end of September. Freaked out about SAT I on Facebook most of the time, and actually, played no games besides a bit of Maplestory on the weekends.. September was good. I got to enjoy life a lot.

October 2009: Took the SAT I, and got a pretty good score on it. My grades were going strong, especially Calc. Bio slipped a bit because of the Chapter 40/42 test. Homecoming took place in the last 2 weeks, and it was AWESOME! The juniors beat the seniors (first time in 6 years) and I’m proud of it. October was also a blast – except the week-long sickness and the swine-flu rush over our school.

November 2009: Current – grades are strong, life is okay, just glad I don’t have like, straight B’s. 🙂

After nearly a year.


It’s been a while..

I’ve been through a lot in these past 10 months.

I hope to have a great ending of the 2000’s with all my.. occasional visitors.

so today, i’m writing this post in a korean school over in silicon valley. now, the cool thing is that, while i’m in a classroom trying to take care of some kids (below 1st grade?) , i’m typing this post up because by chance, there was a computer sitting around! i know i haven’t written a lot of posts lately, and i haven’t been watching a lot of anime/reading manga either.. this is because i was in korea for 2 weeks (and i also had final exams right before that) and i still have speech/debate tournaments to prepare for along with schoolwork.. but hey, i’ll be regularly posting again from now on..

to my faithful readers (who have made sure the visits to my blog didn’t plummet down), a word of thanks to you! i just hope you guys will keep visiting to check up on my daily(or sometimes tri-bi-weekly) thoughts on general life (but mostly anime and lolicon crap like that)

so sadly, i don’t have any images / fun things to post today because the material isn’t on the computer.

anyways i’ve been watching ToraDora!, and One-Outs.

ToraDora! : as you may all know, is the really really good comedy-romance-highschool slice of life anime. it features some well drawn characters such as Aisaka Taiga and Ami. the good thing about ToraDora! is that it has a very well balanced mix of comedy and romance. this is the anime that will make you feel as if you’re part of it because it makes you feel for a character (trust me, you will have preferences/favorites etc.)

One-Outs : One-Outs is the less famous new anime that came out in Q4 of 2008. while it started airing exactly the same time as To Aru Majutsu no Index , ToraDora!, Kannagi, etcetera, nobody pays attention to this. One Outs has a very nice storyline (I couldn’t stop thinking about it..) and for you people that have never watched anime related to sports before, then this is the anime for you. it’s about baseball, but this isn’t  just baseball. it’s a mind game. i really can’t explain in words, so go WATCH IT! 😀

this is it for now , i’ll blog about Kannagi later.

the lolicon advertising to revive my blog



kyouran kazou nikki.. the next best nekololi.

kyouran kazou nikki.. the next best nekololi.

i want you neko lolis.

i want you neko lolis.

Touhou epicness

Touhou epicness


Kannagi epicness.. i just love crazy shrine maidens 🙂

the high schooler..

the high schooler..

the fully grown up women.. beautiful may i say?

the fully grown up women.. beautiful may i say?

konata.. i’ve never viewed you from this perspective before

now i may successfully say..

you’ve grown up C:

travel travel travel!

travel travel travel!

as usual, it’s that time of the year again.. it’s THANKSGIVING! so have fun waiting in ridiculously long omfg-what-the-goddamn-hell-is-this-line-for line C: i mean come on, just think about your family and some hawt anime chix0rz while waiting in line C;

and thanksgiving usually means MORE TIME FOR pr0n anime! kekekekeke.

anyways, i hope you all (that means YOU, my readers <3) have a nice thanksgiving, and don’t get too fat off the turkeys, cause you don’t want the consequences of a heavier reading on that scale :O