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i love them all C: hehehe i think the 1st one if from a specific anime.. i don’t know which one.. the 2nd one is from Xi Distortion stepmania “rebirth”‘s back, more known as xeanoa, third one.. i am looking for it.. but i never found out where it’s from. i love the color contrast […]

Are those for me? C: i know i know.. this is good stuff.. hahaha .. i just felt like posting 3 random images from no where, so i just dug into my “ecchi” section of pictures.. and i just picked out 3 with a universal theme. heck, ALL of my folder is under a universal […]

How can we forget Yoko and Nia from Gurren Lagann? Yoko is just.. wow.. *grabs for tissue box*… Yoko looking fantastic here. Nice tan, nice position..a TWOSOME WITH NIA? O_O Never knew Yoko had secret feelings but Nia, but I DO NOT OBJECT. Yoko x Nia twosome HAS MY APPROVAL! Yoko > Nia in bust […]

How can we forget about Patricia from Lucky Star? She is the ultimate, the perfect, (no, seriously. Her boob’s area is A PERFECT SQUARE ZOMG!), girl in Lucky Star. Konata? Meh. Kagami? Meh. Patricia? C; Although she doesn’t come in until the later half of Lucky Star, she still makes up for it by being […]

Hailing from Zero no Tsukaima.. Siesta and Louise! Of course, we can all agree that Siesta > Louise in bust size.. but that’s fine. Flat pink haired hawt mage lolis are fine too. C: On the other hand.. Siesta may as well be that Asian sitting next to be in Pre Calculus class. Seriously. Sometimes […]

As expected. Another random good looking gals in anime post! Except this time, we have a little celebration with the bridge bunnies in Code Geass! I don’t think I need to describe Kallen here. ALL HAIL KALLEN!

Random kind of a chain-posts that I will start from now (I don’t know what the hell they are called. Let’s just many posts linking to one focal subject.) So.. series random good looking gals in anime and the first honors goes to.. Nagi Sanzen’in from Hayate the Combat Butler! She is smokin’ hawt in […]

You know, I’ve always been wondering, why are so many people into Haruhi? Well, turns out, there’s this thing called the Haruhi Factor. Now, as you can see, I obviously don’t need to describe the Haruhi Factor with words. Just looking at the picture would be self-explanatory.. BUT I wouldn’t say that! I’m a big […]

A Look Back


Today, I was looking back upon my old favorite list anime.. And there it was, sitting on #3, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. Now that I think about it, it was a pretty revolutionary series, because before Higurashi, I was watching something along the lines of “Love Hina“, “Zero no Tsukaima“, and such.. but then.. […]

September Signatures #1 ~ #10. Here they are! Enjoy to your likings. C: