random doujins that i recommend


haruhi doujin C: i don’t know the name specifically, but its made by.. uh.. kawara.. or something o_o

ask for it and i shall give. (just 8.5MB , 1 volume, don’t worry!)

code geass doujin.. “Secret Secret” .. but its R18+ o_o, but i guess it’s still pretty good?

it’s about rolo and C.C    C:      (8.72MB volume 1, ask and i shall give)

pinkshock, very underground doujin, 3 volumes out at 22 pages each.. i think?

it’s generally a very good doujin.. but the main thing i like about it is.. THE MAIN PROTAGONIST’S FORCEFUL CHARISMAAA! i wish a girl like that BURST into my goddamn piece of shit house one day and you know, just GET TO RAEP know me.. i dunno.. we have to mix 2d with 3d NOW! :C

volume 2/3 unknown, ask for volume 1 (8.2MB) and i shall post rapidshare/megaupload links C:

that’s it for today C:

6 Responses to “random doujins that i recommend”

  1. hello there!
    nice doujinshis recommendations you have there..haha.. can you mail it to me? i mean both the haruhi and code geass doujinshis!
    i’d really appreciate it.. thanks!

    please mail it here…vram13@gmail.com


  2. 2 Kiro

    could i you send me the links as well? 😀

  3. sure, why not?

  4. 4 Balmunku

    Could you send me the link too , please 😀



  5. 5 Wraithfang

    I’d like it too, if you still come to this page. >.>

    I don’t know how to url an email address, sry.


  6. i still come to this page
    comments section ftw
    i’ll send it to you soon xD

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