koreanschool / anime review


so today, i’m writing this post in a korean school over in silicon valley. now, the cool thing is that, while i’m in a classroom trying to take care of some kids (below 1st grade?) , i’m typing this post up because by chance, there was a computer sitting around! i know i haven’t written a lot of posts lately, and i haven’t been watching a lot of anime/reading manga either.. this is because i was in korea for 2 weeks (and i also had final exams right before that) and i still have speech/debate tournaments to prepare for along with schoolwork.. but hey, i’ll be regularly posting again from now on..

to my faithful readers (who have made sure the visits to my blog didn’t plummet down), a word of thanks to you! i just hope you guys will keep visiting to check up on my daily(or sometimes tri-bi-weekly) thoughts on general life (but mostly anime and lolicon crap like that)

so sadly, i don’t have any images / fun things to post today because the material isn’t on the computer.

anyways i’ve been watching ToraDora!, and One-Outs.

ToraDora! : as you may all know, is the really really good comedy-romance-highschool slice of life anime. it features some well drawn characters such as Aisaka Taiga and Ami. the good thing about ToraDora! is that it has a very well balanced mix of comedy and romance. this is the anime that will make you feel as if you’re part of it because it makes you feel for a character (trust me, you will have preferences/favorites etc.)

One-Outs : One-Outs is the less famous new anime that came out in Q4 of 2008. while it started airing exactly the same time as To Aru Majutsu no Index , ToraDora!, Kannagi, etcetera, nobody pays attention to this. One Outs has a very nice storyline (I couldn’t stop thinking about it..) and for you people that have never watched anime related to sports before, then this is the anime for you. it’s about baseball, but this isn’t  just baseball. it’s a mind game. i really can’t explain in words, so go WATCH IT! 😀

this is it for now , i’ll blog about Kannagi later.

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  1. 1 wp

    I agree, One Outs is greatly overrated. Wish it would get a second season.

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