My life as it is now-?


So.. originally this was going to be a blog that was supposed to attract anime bloggers and watchers alike.. but now it’s going to be used for something different. :/ I’m just gonna write down my life stories here instead because.. I feel the need to!

So recently I’ve been living with my sister- my parents have been in Korea since the end of September, and frankly, it is very (sort of) uncomfortable living without parents. There is no control, or an authority figure to watch over me, so I feel that my actions around the house, or even in public, are sort of unrestrained, and unnecessary. I’ve been missing classes a lot (especially 1st period since I oversleep a LOT now), i’ve been sleeping at later times, and getting things done only occasionally.. if not never.

It’s pretty rough trying to go through junior year w/o my parents, but I guess I shouldn’t be complaining because I’ve seen many others go through harder times.

Recently.. I mean, I was never really into how I looked to others, or how I was viewed upon by others, but recently I’ve changed a lot.. I mean, I care about how others think about me (I don’t know if this is a good thing or not) – and I also care about what I look like to others.. Trying to look like a gentlemeeeeeen to this particular girl, talking to new people, meeting people from other schools.. it’s all a part of my life cycle now, and I kind of enjoy it. Seems like I’ve exploded out of my shell (metaphorical to Lynbrook haha).

On a side note.. I’ll be retaking the December 5 SAT I to try to get that 800 on math since I got 770 last time (crap..) so wish me luck if you’re reading this, or have read this entire post. (Which I highly doubt, and I also highly doubt anyone visits anymore, but whatever. Good job if you read this! Hugs.)

2 Responses to “My life as it is now-?”

  1. 1 Anand

    Hey Ji,

    I’m sure you’ll do spectacular on the SAT, man. Personally, I’ve seen people study really diligently and then give up right before the test…(It’s sad, but true). So just keep your cool and be confident before the test.
    I wanna hear from you after that 800!

    Best Wishes 🙂

  2. WHOA WHAT THE HELL!! Either my computer auto-logged me into my WordPress account or it saved my session from a week ago 0_0″ … hi Ji :D!

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