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Ayo everyone.


Welcome to my blog. From now on, this will basically be my Twitter-like site.. No more anime-related stuff for now.

So.. originally this was going to be a blog that was supposed to attract anime bloggers and watchers alike.. but now it’s going to be used for something different. I’m just gonna write down my life stories here instead because.. I feel the need to! So recently I’ve been living with my sister- my parents […]

Months of 2009


January 2009: Did korean school work on Saturdays, was trying to get out of “rest” mode from winter break. Had lots of trouble with chemistry and pre-calculus.. I started with like, a B- in both of these classes haha. Did a lot of badminton practice in Moreland / @ school / @ open gyms. February […]

After nearly a year.   It’s been a while.. I’ve been through a lot in these past 10 months. I hope to have a great ending of the 2000’s with all my.. occasional visitors.

so today, i’m writing this post in a korean school over in silicon valley. now, the cool thing is that, while i’m in a classroom trying to take care of┬ásome kids (below 1st grade?) , i’m typing this post up because by chance, there was a computer sitting around! i know i haven’t written a […]

the lolicon advertising to revive my blog duh

konata.. i’ve never viewed you from this perspective before now i may successfully say.. you’ve grown up C:

as usual, it’s that time of the year again.. it’s THANKSGIVING! so have fun waiting in ridiculously long omfg-what-the-goddamn-hell-is-this-line-for line C: i mean come on, just think about your family and some hawt anime chix0rz while waiting in line C; and thanksgiving usually means MORE TIME FOR pr0n anime! kekekekeke. anyways, i hope you all […]