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hot stuff from 4chan :O everybody loves a good clannad , code geass, gurenn lagann, macross frontier 4some C: bedroom eyes o_ov

haruhi doujin C: i don’t know the name specifically, but its made by.. uh.. kawara.. or something o_o ask for it and i shall give. (just 8.5MB , 1 volume, don’t worry!) code geass doujin.. “Secret Secret” .. but its R18+ o_o, but i guess it’s still pretty good? it’s about rolo and C.C    C:      […]

As expected. Another random good looking gals in anime post! Except this time, we have a little celebration with the bridge bunnies in Code Geass! I don’t think I need to describe Kallen here. ALL HAIL KALLEN!

September Signatures #1 ~ #10. Here they are! Enjoy to your likings. C:

I wake up, go on animesuki, and I find this … so-amazing-i-cant-describe-it-with-goddamn-words picture of Kallen. You know, scoops like these don’t come to you very often, so I think it’s a SIGN. You know? A sign telling me I’m gonna be pretty lucky today. Maybe a few new pr0nmags manga that I might get to […]

4:57PM is epic.


Lelouch just got his ass raep’d owned. End of discussion.

Welcome to This is your first post blah blah blah….. So, this will be my first blog ever, I don’t really give a crap whether people visit or not, It’s just a little scrapbook for me to save my memories and works in. Let’s have a great time together, Internet! FTW