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hot stuff from 4chan :O everybody loves a good clannad , code geass, gurenn lagann, macross frontier 4some C: bedroom eyes o_ov

As expected. Another random good looking gals in anime post! Except this time, we have a little celebration with the bridge bunnies in Code Geass! I don’t think I need to describe Kallen here. ALL HAIL KALLEN!

I wake up, go on animesuki, and I find this … so-amazing-i-cant-describe-it-with-goddamn-words picture of Kallen. You know, scoops like these don’t come to you very often, so I think it’s a SIGN. You know? A sign telling me I’m gonna be pretty lucky today. Maybe a few new pr0nmags manga that I might get to […]

4:57PM is epic.


Lelouch just got his ass raep’d owned. End of discussion.