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what is love?


it is love indeed.

i am addicted to candy case.. too bad there’s only 21 pages of it out so far.. net anime ftw. here’s a little taste for my readers.

just a random sketch from udp, i just thought it’d fit the blog’s chrome color very well (i mean, the sketch is pretty dang nice!) oh, and another one.. can i say flandre scarlet; touhou project for the goddam win? I LUB YOU FLANDREEEEEEE GLASDKLFJLASIJE C:

i love them all C: hehehe i think the 1st one if from a specific anime.. i don’t know which one.. the 2nd one is from Xi Distortion stepmania “rebirth”‘s back, more known as xeanoa, third one.. i am looking for it.. but i never found out where it’s from. i love the color contrast […]

Hailing from Zero no Tsukaima.. Siesta and Louise! Of course, we can all agree that Siesta > Louise in bust size.. but that’s fine. Flat pink haired hawt mage lolis are fine too. C: On the other hand.. Siesta may as well be that Asian sitting next to be in Pre Calculus class. Seriously. Sometimes […]

Welcome to This is your first post blah blah blah….. So, this will be my first blog ever, I don’t really give a crap whether people visit or not, It’s just a little scrapbook for me to save my memories and works in. Let’s have a great time together, Internet! FTW