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so today, i’m writing this post in a korean school over in silicon valley. now, the cool thing is that, while i’m in a classroom trying to take care of┬ásome kids (below 1st grade?) , i’m typing this post up because by chance, there was a computer sitting around! i know i haven’t written a […]

the lolicon advertising to revive my blog duh

konata.. i’ve never viewed you from this perspective before now i may successfully say.. you’ve grown up C:

as usual, it’s that time of the year again.. it’s THANKSGIVING! so have fun waiting in ridiculously long omfg-what-the-goddamn-hell-is-this-line-for line C: i mean come on, just think about your family and some hawt anime chix0rz while waiting in line C; and thanksgiving usually means MORE TIME FOR pr0n anime! kekekekeke. anyways, i hope you all […]

need money for new desktop! donate C:

i really liek. christmas time soon.