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haruhi doujin C: i don’t know the name specifically, but its made by.. uh.. kawara.. or something o_o ask for it and i shall give. (just 8.5MB , 1 volume, don’t worry!) code geass doujin.. “Secret Secret” .. but its R18+ o_o, but i guess it’s still pretty good? it’s about rolo and C.C    C:      […]

You know, I’ve always been wondering, why are so many people into Haruhi? Well, turns out, there’s this thing called the Haruhi Factor. Now, as you can see, I obviously don’t need to describe the Haruhi Factor with words. Just looking at the picture would be self-explanatory.. BUT I wouldn’t say that! I’m a big […]

Mikuru takes the cake again! In this real nice picture that I found through some lurking on sites.. I noticed that it chases a realistic feel! What’s better is Kyon’s hands full of pr0nmags Yuki’s books. Whaaat? No fap material near midnight? Sorry, guys, but I think we used up enough tissues today. Sleep feeds […]