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as usual, it’s that time of the year again.. it’s THANKSGIVING! so have fun waiting in ridiculously long omfg-what-the-goddamn-hell-is-this-line-for line C: i mean come on, just think about your family and some hawt anime chix0rz while waiting in line C; and thanksgiving usually means MORE TIME FOR pr0n anime! kekekekeke. anyways, i hope you all […]

i really liek. christmas time soon.

i loved how they did the zoom /slash/ focus thingy this part the purple crew standing out (hot, beautiful, cute) OH SO MOE O SO MOE. .. clannad after story… MUST.. RESIST.. MUST.. RESIST THE .. MOE… URRRRRRRRGHH..! I CANNOT RESIST “ONII-CHAN”… ! C:


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